Screencast Pro Review & Bonuses

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Product Information

Screencast Pro – The ultimate internet marketer’s training & resources bundle for Camtasia on the Mac & PC.

Inside the Screencast Pro training, you’ll discover:

  • How to make videos that HYPNOTIZE and CONVERT.
  • No “copywriting” skills necessary.
  • Screen capture secrets.
  • How to create UNQUESTIONABLE proof.
  • Prove easiness… with ease.
  • Bring still images to life, hold attention, convert higher.
  • Be profitably prepared.
  • How to never (or rarely) need to edit.
  • How to get FREE traffic to your videos.
Screencast Pro Features

Screencast Pro Pricing

Screencast Pro


Screencast Pro Bonuses

Screencast Pro Bonuses

Bonus #1

Video Graphics Packs (Value $199)

Full rights to high-quality graphics can cost an arm and a leg… and the graphics included inside Camtasia are over-used, outdated, and plain boring.
That’s why you’ll access a stunning graphics package that you can use in any form you choose. Throw these into your videos to keep viewers’ eyes locked and to boost conversion.

Screencast Pro Bonuses

Bonus #2

Video Persuasion Method Script Writing Guide (Value $199)

If the thought of writing a sales video script makes you anxious, then this is for you. Writing a high-converting video script will become as easy as filling in the blanks, and something that would take you days or weeks to create will be done in minutes.
This script style is responsible for millions of dollars in sales, and you’ll have its power in your back pocket.

Screencast Pro Bonuses

Bonus #3

Powerpoint Power Tips (Value $99)

Make your slideshow presentations awesome by following these easy, yet little-known tips. They can apply to Powerpoint or any other slideshow software.
You’ll go beyond mere words on a white screen, meaning viewers will be locked in and more likely to take the action you tell them to. This very profitable resource is yours free today.

Screencast Pro Bonuses

Bonus #4

Camtasia License Giveaway (Value $299)

All buyers get a FREE entry on a Camtasia Full License Giveaway! That’s a $299 value you might win!
Even if you win but already own Camtasia you can give a family member a GREAT gift!

Your bonuses are waiting for you in the members area…

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