Traffic Funnlr Review & Bonuses

Traffic Funnlr Review & Bonuses

Product Information

Traffic Funnlr – The only software that enables you to instantly segment traffic, build retargeting audiences AND email lists in one go…

  • Facebook-frendly! – Facebook loves Funnlr campaigns because they encourage social interaction…
  • Capture More Subscribers – Watch your conversion rates soar, as your campaigns tap into basic human desires
  • Engaging Content – Give your visitors a reason to engage with your content & stay on your page!
  • Lock Leads – Retarget prospects on Facebook and other websites with ads based on the answer to their question…
  • Micro-commitments – Guide you prospects towards your offers with “small steps” (and increase your profits in the process!)
  • Custom Offers – Run multiple promos AT THE SAME TIME and show each prospect the optimum offer for them… & multiply your chances of success.


Lifetime Unlimited

normally $47/month
    Special Bonuses by

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #1 - report-large

    Special Bonus #1

    FB Retargeting Bullseye (Value $37)

    Anyone Can Boost Their Ad Effectiveness With Laser-Guided Precision Using Ad Retargeting

    • Uncover the secrets to increasing your sales through the power of retargeting!
    • Find out how to make the most out of every visitor that doesn’t convert by reclaiming that visitor, giving you another chance to get that sale!
    • Discover the most effective ways to use ad retargeting to pull that traffic back in and convert it!
    • Learn about the different methods of retargeting, and some neat tips and tricks you can use to make it all easier and much more effective!
    • And much more – all within this special FREE report.

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #2 - report-700

    Special Bonus #2

    List Segmentation Master (Value $37)

    Did you know you can drastically increase the effectiveness of your lists with One Simple Change?

    • Discover the fastest way to uncover your most high-value customers.
    • See how cleaning up your lists will instantly save you money every month!
    • Discover one little trick to making MORE money with every product – all with just one simple link!
    • The easiest way to boost your income and maximize exposure for EVERY email you send. (don’t even think about sending one out until you’ve read this chapter!)
    • And much more – all within this special FREE report.

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #3 - report-large

    Special Bonus #3

    Survey Guru (Value $37)

    Surveys Can Skyrocket Your Sales, Your Income, Your Customer Service and Much More

    • Uncover the secrets to using surveys in ways you never thought possible! Higher income, higher conversions, happier customers and more!
    • Find out innovative ways to use surveys to skyrocket your income!
    • Discover how surveys can help you improve your sales funnel, leading to higher income and higher conversions!
    • Learn secret survey tips to keep your customers happy and loyal, so they’ll buy from you again and again!
    • And much more – all within this special FREE report.

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #4 - affiliate-apocalypse-700

    Special Bonus #4

    Affiliate Apocalypse (Value $37)

    The Old Ways are Dead and Gone!  Find Out How to Survive the Affiliate Marketing Apocalypse!

    • Uncover powerful new ways of maximizing your income regardless of the programs and products you promote!
    • Find out exactly what you need to do to set yourself up for long-term prosperity and success with no fear of failure!
    • The old “tricks” don’t work, in fact they will cost you more than you could ever imagine.  We’ll show you the real, surefire ways to get started in the new world of affiliate marketing.
    • Disregard everything you’ve read or have been told before now because the old methods are merely shadows of what was once a profitable age.  But don’t worry, there is even more money to be made when you focus on proven, sustainable methods, designed to survive the affiliate apocalypse.
    • And much more – all within this special FREE report.

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #5 - 157343338_uep-box-large-plain

    Special Bonus #5

    Ultimate Exit Popup

    The Ultimate Exit Popup Script that Works on Any Webpage

    • This One is Immune to ALL popup blockers
    • Shows up ONLY when your visitors hit their back button or try to close your sales page
    • Not an irritating script that is enabled if they accidentally move their cursor outside the active window
    • Dynamically serves up any page, form etc. you want to show behind the popup (can you say upsell, downsell, audio, video, live chat or just about anything else you can think of!
    • As copy and paste, push-button easy as it gets in just 5 simple steps

    Traffic Funnlr Bonus #6 - IMWebGraphicsPackMain

    Special Bonus #6

    IM Web graphics Pack

    Over 2,500 Web-ready Marketing Graphics. Including BONUS Animated Graphics.

    • These graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, and are already in a “web ready” format
    • 84 Checkmarks and Bullets
    • 144 “Call To Action” buttons
    • 162 “Bonus” icons
    • And HEAPS More!

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