Ultimate Closing Machine Review & Bonuses

Ultimate Closing Machine Review & Bonuses

Product Information

Ultimate Closing Machine – A breakthrough, evergreen prospecting & closing tool that will instantly let you tap into the mega-powerful results achieved by using live webinars… WITHOUT the stage fright or technical nightmares. AND without putting on the live webinar yourself, unless you want to do live webinars. (Pro Upgrade)

  • A fake and cheesy looking, “real” environment webinar will kill you dead in the water! UCM creates credibility, trust and instills the ideal closing atmosphere.
  • The automated module of UCM mimics the sights and sounds of a REAL LIVE webinar including, “dings”, lady’s waiting room introduction voice & “you have been muted”
  • Artificial intelligence chat and question area drops in canned comments, questions and answers naturally and also be monitored live for ultra realism!
  • Uber real animated attendance counter (not fake, growing attendees list our competitors use) and connection meter reinforces, *user connected live* look and feel
  • The ability to “push” timed content drips (with live links) to attendees matching your voice prompts and even reinforce live feel by mentioned you also sent link in chat box
  • All browser activated refresh jquery commands, which means when someone refreshes webinar page, the webinar advances and they hear, “You have been muted”. WOW!













$100 Off Deal

Ultimate Closing Machine Bonuses

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